How to apply coupon codes

  1. Place your order step by step
  2. Go to shop cart or directly goes to checkout page
  3. Come and find best namesilo coupon codes, put it into the right place(ctrl+f and serch “coupon”) and click submit, then you can see discounted price. If not, just click “remove” near the coupon code input area.
  4. Check out and donate some money to this website!

Or, you can check the pictures and follow step by step.

* Click on the picture for original size picture.

search domain name on namesilo

1.Search your prefer domain name on namesilo

select available surfix

2. Select available surfix of domain

fill in coupon code and submit

3. Fill in coupon code get from and submit to apply

check discount on namesilo page

4. Enjoy your discount by using namesilo coupon code from

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