Good value of Namesilo

*Here I list some other domain service provider just shows my personal views. I never meant to say XXXX is good and XXX is better. In fact, I have another site for godaddy code of coupons and promotions.

Higher Price/performance Ratio

Namesilo has higher price/performance ratio. It provides some key features for free, which makes every cent spent on namesilo value more:

  • FREE PRIVACY: Namesilo provides free domain privacy protection. I can hardly find some other server provider who gives free privacy protection with $8.99 per year.
  • DOMAIN DEFENDER: Everyone can set several security questions. After correct setting, no one is able to move his cheese without the correct answer, including almost all domain name managements. It’s much safer put domain names with namesilo
  • Some other useful tools: sub-account, api-manager, etc.

Namesilo’s Stable Price

Yes, Godaddy often gives extremely low price on their domain names, like $0.99 and $1.99 on new registration and transfer in! However, in most time users have to find coupon codes to get reasonable price like $7.99 or $8.99. Or he just pays $12 or even $15 for one domain per year.

Unlike Godaddy, Namesilo pricing their product “stably and honestly”. Namesilo has a page for its pricing where everyone can easily find(not possibility to miss). The price on that page is reasonable. Users do not need to google a coupon for a reasonable price. Especially on renewing domain names, the price is not lowest, but it is reasonable and acceptable! What is more, it almost the most favorable you can have all over the internet.

Namesilo don’t play “coupon trick”, what is the meaning of this “namesilo coupon” site?
You can simply take this: namesilo offers a bit payback if anyone is willing to costs time for saving money. Just so simple.

Lowest Price for domains with privacy protection

*The price discussed in below based on one .com domain, no geo(country) restriction, accept paypal payment, and available in any time(godaddy might have to find proper coupon code, and you can have them on godaddy coupon in any time).

Take .com domain as example, Godaddy offers $8.16($7.99+$0.18) registration price and $8.67($8.49+$0.18), with coupon code. The lowest regular price you can get from namesilo is $8.99(both registration and renew).

However, when you need domain privacy protection, namesilo is the first choice! $8.99. There is few privacy godaddy coupon codes, and according to my investigation, no renewal privacy coupon code! If you want domain privacy protection, you have to pay at least $9.99 to godaddy!

Anyone who want to manage their domain names safely and efficiently, namesilo is the best choice! Just stop wasting time on worrying domain thieves and extremely high price without hard-to-find coupon codes!

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