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Domain name whois privacy is extremely important for domain name owners. Namesilo provides amazing free domain whois privacy for all the users who holds domain names in

Why whois privacy is important

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) always request the information on domain names be true, or the ownership of domain name will be lost. However, all these information in whois database is publicly available. This policy enables spammers, hackers/attackers, direct marketers get the true personal information. Troubles like spam emails, promotion phone calls and even promotion vouchers comes after. Domain name whois privacy mitigates these risks.

What is the difference of whois privacy between namesilo and others

As whois privacy itself, we only need to worry about the email delivery. Some useful emails might send to the “mask email address” provided by whois privacy service provider and then forwarded to your true email address. Fortunately, most whois privacy service providers have done well so far.
Namesilo’s whois privacy is free for life. Unlike other “free” whois privacy which only free for the first year, namesilo make it lifetime free. As long as your domain name active in namesilo account, whois privacy for this domain name is totally toll free. For your reference, godaddy charges $9.99/year.
Namesilo’s total price is best. Take .com domain as example, namesilo’s renewal price is $8.99/year($8.99 domain renew + $0 whois privacy), while godaddy is $20.16($10.17 domain renew +$9.99 whois privacy).

Domain name whois privacy coupon codes

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